When enthused and unemployed, I have a habit of whipping out the iPhone and filming some nonsense,  editing it on iMovie and sharing with mates.  In this case, you.   


dog meet dog

I met a beautiful woman called Kate.  She met me.  We both had a dog.  After a lengthy standoff, and on a sofa in Amsterdam in late 2015, our dogs Shelby and Eddie took a deep breath and tried to break the ice.


Rexona: Pit stop 360

A series of four short films for online release, going behind the scenes with the engineers and pit stop teams at Lotus F1.

(R/GA / Tigerlily Films)


Dove: live life in full colour

A short film for online, sending four female firefighters on a shoping trip with a twist...

(HeyHuman / Armoury)


Sharp: Fan Labs

A series of idents for international transmission during the Euro 2012 tournament, filming fans in slow mo as they watched their teams play on an autocue.   

(Work Club / Tigerlily Films)