Four Weeks to Find a Girlfriend

(Channel 4, 2001)

"It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me reassess my life as a man."  - FHM


In a brazen and self-flagellating attempt to launch my career as a director, I shamelessly turned the camera on myself in a genuine attempt to find a girlfriend.

Over four weeks I ploughed through a Channel 4 budget, spending most of it on alcohol to calm my nerves and talk to women, filming the whole sorry mess in the process.

To everyone's surprise, not least my own, the film had a wildly unexpected and undeserved happy ending.  

Watch the full film below.

Clip (3 mins)

Drunken neurotic young director goes in search of love armed with hidden cameras and a belly full of booze.



“Unreservedly hilarious.”  The Guardian

“The kind of warm, original and off-beat film that there’s rather too little of in these days of homogenised schedules.” Kathryn Flett, Observer

“It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me reassess my life as a man.” Simon Marsh, FHM





Production Company: Oxford Television 

Film Editor: Kieran Smyth

Composer: Ed Chocolate

Assistant Producer / Camera: Jelena Ilic

Executive Producer: Nick Kent

Commissioning Editor: Peter Dale

Producer / Director: Olly Lambert