While on a placement as "Filmmaker in Residence" at BBC Newsnight, I produced a number of fast turnaround documentary shorts, sometimes edited on the day of broadcast while sky high on caffeine and anxiety.   


Living on the Border

As fighting erupted in Kiev between pro-Russian loyalists and Ukrainian nationalists, I travelled to the eastern most point of Ukraine, on the Russian border.   There, a community that identifies more with old ideas of Soviet nationalism than the ideals of the European project were increasingly anxious about the gathering storm clouds.

venezuela's tower of dreams

The notorious "Tower of David" sits at the heart of Caracas, a vast, unfinished skyscraper often referred to as a "vertical slum", and home to thousands of squatters.  

But the truth of life in the tower is a far cry from the tower's depiction in the hit series Homeland.  The residents are going out of their way to build a safe haven away from Venezuela's widespread crime and poverty.   

the somerset floods

Researched, filmed, edited and broadcast in 48 hours, this short film went deep into the floodwaters that swept through the west of England in 2014 to find the people battling to stay afloat.