One Day in Gaza

(BBC, 2019)

"Superlative" The Telegraph

An extraordinary workThe Times

This astonishing documentary had a clarity that coverage of the

Israel-Palestine conflict has lacked for years” The Guardian

Nominated for a Grierson Award 2019, “Best Current Affairs Documentary”

 On May 14th 2018, dignatires gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv. At the same time less than 40 miles away, tens of thousands of Palestinian demonstrators massed at the security fence that separates Gaza from Israel. The plan had been for a peaceful protest against Donald Trump’s contraversial move. But by the end of that day, at least 60 Palestinians were dead or dying, and over 2,700 were injured.

Using footage from the Israel Defence Forces, Hamas, local journalists and the protesters themselves, this is the story of that day. How did Gaza’s plan for a peaceful demonstration end in one of the worst days of violence in a generation?

One Day in Gaza: “The Day Begins”


 “With its crisp, horrific images of a day on the border, this astonishing documentary had a clarity that coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict has lacked for years. … This was about as level-headed and even-handed as documentaries about Israel and the Palestinians can be.” The Guardian

“One Day in Gaza is a testament to documentary making and a must-watch programme… Olly Lambert’s documentary forced into the spotlight some of the harsh truths of that fateful day exactly one year ago, confronting his audience with emotionally charged stories of human experience. Never have I been made so physically uncomfortable by something on my television screen.” Middle East Monitor

“A documentary that was wretchedly compelling from start to finish… it spared no gore, letting the chaotic, bloody images run at length to make horrific, immersive television.” The Times

“This superlative documentary from Bafta-winning director Olly Lambert tries to piece together what happened, using immersive footage from phones and hand-held cameras, and weighing up testimony from all sides. The picture that it paints is of the sort of chaos, fire and fury that has blighted the region for decades. While the critique – one shared by the UN – of the IDF’s actions is damning, it’s clear that Hamas should shoulder responsibility as well. Meanwhile, normal citizens continue to pay the heaviest price.” The Telegraph