The General's War

(BBC, 2007)


In 2007, General David Richards was the commander of NATO in Afghanistan, in overall command of 37,000 troops from 32 different nations. For two months, he allowed unprecedented and exclusive access behind the scenes of his office and nerve centre in Kabul, as he courted international opinion and struggled to win the hearts and minds of a nation at war. At the same time, a second camera crew was embedded at a remote Canadian base in Kandahar to see what effect the General’s plans were having on the ground. 

The resulting film offers an extraordinary perspective both the reality and the realpolitik of modern warfare. 

Also re-versioned as “Afghanistan: The Other War” for WGBH’s landmark series Frontline World.

Watch the full film below.


Clip (3 mins)

The General's War - BBC



Production Company: October Films

Narrator: Jason Isaacs

Camera: Hugh Hughes (Kabul), Jim Foster (Kandahar)

Film Editor: Stefan Ronowicz

Composer: Sam Hooper

Co-Producer: Sam Kiley

Executive Producer: Julia Barron, Denman Rooke

Commissioning Editor: Eamon Hardy

Producer / Director: Olly Lambert