The Hunt for the Camden Ripper

(Channel 4, 2004)

"A quite beautiful documentary about a bloody, horrendous subject." -  The Guardian


The discovery of human body parts behind a pub in Camden over Christmas 2002 triggered one of the Metropolitan Police’s largest man hunts and shocked the nation.  The revelations that followed, about a man's brutal murder of three London women shocked a nation.  

But the story of the search for Anthony Hardy also revealed some painful truths about the anonymity of a city, and the complex challenges facing mental health units charged with protecting both the public and their patients. 

Watch the full film below.

Clip (3 mins)

The Hunt for the Camden Ripper - C4



“Mesmerising…. Olly Lambert’s film is a quite beautiful documentary about a bloody, horrendous subject. It was measured and thoughtful throughout, from its interviews with police officers, mental healthcare professionals and Hardy’s neighbours, through its portrayal of London as a place of anonymity…. Of course it was sensational – films such as this can’t not be – but it was also a considered examination of the failures of the system. It was about the things – and the people – we throw away.” Gareth McLean, The Guardian

“A measured, searching documentary… Engrossing.” Time Out



Production Company: Just TV

Narrator: Juliet Stevenson

Film Editor: Julian Rodd

Composer: Chris Whitten

Camera: Chris Cox

Sound: Tim Watts

Producer: Sylvia Jones

Executive Producer: Nina Davies

Commissioning Editor: Danny Cohen

Director: Olly Lambert