Rasputin: The Devil in the Flesh

(Channel 4, 2001)

"One of the most entertaining historical documentaries I have ever seen."  - Charlie Brooker

Opening the Channel 4 series Masters of Darkness, this dark portrait of Grigory Rasputin uses reconstruction and newly revealed research to tell the story of this famous, Siberian ‘holy man’.

Putting him firmly in the context of fin de siècle Russia and its appetite for sects and mysticism, this documentary was widely praised for combining stylish production values with historical detail.  With music by Coil and narrated by actor Brian Cox.

Watch the full film below.

Clip (3 mins)

Rasputin: The Devil in the Flesh - C4



"One of the most entertaining historical documentaries I have ever seen. It’s brilliantly put together – a genuinely thrilling combination of informative talking head opinions, archive footage and creepy reconstruction, liberally slathered with sophisticated horror-movie sheen.” Charlie Brooker, The Guardian.

“Utterly captivating.” London Evening Standard



Production Company: Oxford Television

Narrator: Brian Cox

Film Editor: Imogen Pollard

Assistant Producer: Adam Warner

Original Music: Coil

Camera: Steve Standen

Sound: Tim Watts

Executive Producer: Nicolas Kent

Commissioning Editor: Adam Barker

Producer / Director: Olly Lambert