BAFTA Masterclass

In 2014, I was honoured to be the guest speaker at the Sheffield Documentary Festival's BAFTA Masterclass.  In this 70 minute talk at the Crucible Theatre, I discuss a range of topics from building a career to the intimate challenges of filmmaking.

Rory Peck Trust "Field Stories"

A short film about the personal, emotional and logistical pressure of making documentaries in areas of conflict.  

The Bombing of al-Bara

While filming in a rural Syrian village on 28th October 2012, I was caught up in an airstrike.  In this simple online film, I narrate the almost unedited footage of what happened next.  

The Fallen (clip)

While filming in Afghanistan in 2007, I witnessed the extraordinary attempts to rescue and save the life of Private Christopher Gray.  This account of that day was used as part of Morgan Matthews' landmark BBC film, The Fallen.   

rory peck awards

This short BBC film was made following my nomination for a Rory Peck Award in 2014, and gives some background to the making of Syria: Across The Lines.