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Private Christopher Gray is evacuated from Now Zad
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An ordinary day on the Helmand frontline
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Above Enemy Lines

(BBC1, “ONE Life”, 2007)

This critically acclaimed film follows the 26 pilots and crewmen of the RAF’s 27 Squadron, as they endure a two month deployment on the front line in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Shot alone over two months using night vision and cockpit cameras, the film focuses on the experiences of 26 year old Dan Padbury who is on his first deployment as a captain, as he balances the professional and emotional challenges of the casualties of war. Over 8 hot weeks, this gently powerful documentary gets under the skin of modern warfare, meeting the ordinary soldiers who fly Chinook helicopters by day and struggle with their laundry and love lives in their time off.

Press reaction

Olly Lambert is one of the most talented documentary film-makers working in British television.” The Times, Pick of the Day

A terrific observational film, from which we get a real idea of what life is really like out there." The Guardian, Pick of the Day.

The potential was high for a gung-ho piece of television, complete with pounding music and a narrator thrilled at the danger of it all. Instead, the result wisely took its lead from the men themselves." Daily Telegraph, Pick of the Day

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Production Credits

Film Editor: Steve Barclay
Co-Producer: Roger Courtiour
Field Producer: Julie Noon
Commissioning Editor: Todd Austin
Camera, Producer, Director: Olly Lambert