The Bombing of al-Bara


"Gripping, must-see war footage" - Sen John McCain

On 28th October 2012, I was filming a meeting of rebel soldiers in the Syrian village of al-Bara. As the camera rolled, a government jet flew overhead and dropped a large bomb on the village, landing just 300 metres away, killing and injuring civilians, many of whom were internal refugees from nearby cities.  

For the next hour, I documented the shocking impact of regime air strikes on a civilian population. The result is a rare, immersive portrait of the reality of civil war.  
This footage has been condensed into this 36 minute digital feature, capturing the chaos on the ground as villagers search in the rubble for survivors and people call for revenge, even as the jet returns to attack again.

Nominated for an Emmy (New Approaches: Documentaries) 

Watch the full film below.

The Bombing of Al Bara