salon: "I almost died in syria"

Based on diaries I kept while filming in Syria, this piece for Salon explores the curious schizophrenia required when filming in an area of conflict - the need to be both the resiliant journalist and the thin-skinned witness.

"My friend, the sex addict"

A confessional piece to salve my soul after a year of hanging out with doggers in parks and swingers in nightclubs to make the film Hypersex for the BBC

Telegraph: "I feel as though I lost my son"

Published piece about the process of meeting families of children involved in the British riots of 2012 while making the film My Child The Rioter.    

guardian: "i just want to know why they broke up"

Interview by the Guardian's Joanna Moorhead about the personal backstory to my film Mum and Dad Are Splitting Up.

Docs on screen interview

Interview with Carol Nahra from Docs On Screen about the making of Abused: The Untold Story

bbc: "italy's lampedusa left in crisis after arab spring"

Following my film The Invasion of Lampedusa, the BBC published this piece about the migration crisis hitting the small, Italian island.